Thank you for your interest at working for DiCapua Insurance Group!

We are continuously expanding our team across all roles and invite you to submit your employment application today. At this stage, we do not require a résumé. Instead, we request that you complete our personality profile, which helps us identify the roles that align best with your skills and interests. Following your submission, we will reach out to discuss potential matches and, if necessary, talk about your previous employment and résumé details.

Your initial step in the application process involves completing two key assessments: the CTS Sales Profile and the Learning Style Survey. The insights gained from these evaluations play a critical role in our hiring decisions. For optimal outcomes, we advise you to adhere strictly to the given instructions and answer all questions with honesty.

Please allocate around 40-60 minutes of your time to finish these assessments. Your dedication to this process is greatly appreciated, and it is a vital component of our comprehensive evaluation to ensure a mutual fit.